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Big Boots & Western RR Candler, FL
**7 ½  gauge  track** The railroad currently features over 3 miles of track, with a 65 foot or larger radii on the mainline, with a maximum grade of 2% and three separate freight yards and an industrial park. The track layout is set up to approximate the SAL and the ACL as they crisscross each other from North Florida to Central Florida. The main yard can accommodate 210 pieces of rolling stock and features remote controlled  switch tracks with track detection circuitry, double ladder tracks at both ends and a drill track for building up trains without fouling the mainline. Next to the main yard is our drive through transfer table and 8 steaming bays. Our transfer table can lift 40' of equipment up to 8 feet high in one lift. The other two yards will accommodate another 100 pieces of rolling stock. The railroad features Bi-directional running with 28 signals and plenty of passing sidings with many route options. We have more than 125 switch tracks, 5 diamonds, 2 wyes and two turnaround loops providing a lot of operation, a lot of shade covered tracks and a 60' tunnel. The pavilion is complete with ice machine, refrigerator, TV, VCR, DVD and surround sound stereo system. Located adjacent to the pavilion is a beautiful paved picnic area with a lot of picnic tables and a bonfire pit. There is plenty of parking for R/V s and 13 service poles  with 15-30 amp electric and water. We also have a complete bath house with toilet and shower and laundry machines. For more info or campground reservations contact: Capt. John Boots info@bigbootsrr.com or call 352 509-1587.
Work sessions are now Thursday mornings, call prior to coming to make sure that we will be there.
NE Fla Live Steamers & RRs (West Tocoi & Bostwick R. R.) Bostwick, Fl.
** This club is currently seeking a new property

By Appointment Only      Scheduled work sessions every Thursday & Saturday.

Third Saturday of the month is Membership Run
Day, all live steamers are
always invited.

Tradewinds & Atlantic R. R.  Coconut Creek, Fl.
** 7 1/2 gauge** Elevated G scale and O scale tracks.  3 loops of G scale, one is dual gauge G / 2 rail O scale, and also 1 loop of 3 rail O scale track.  Track is approx 120 feet long.**   This track is located in a Broward County Park and is enjoyed by the general public on the third Sat/Sun of each month.  It boasts a track around a lake, souvenir sales, secure equipment facilities, yard tracks and a turntable/steaming bay area.  Any month that has five weekends, the club schedules a run day to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
Scheduled runs are the 3rd weekend of each month 
Manatee Central Rail Road  Parrish, Fl. 
  **7 1/2 gauge, 4 3/4 gauge, Gage 1** a pond for steam boats, a shady area for hit and miss, and bring and brag.**   This track covers two five-acre private sites that comprise a well laid out track plan with four separate unloading areas, two separate steaming bays and two hydraulic lifts. One mile of mainline and one mile of sidings and yards.  Self contained camping is available on limited basis at the meets.  Call to check availability of open sites. NEW, minimum radius on track is now 52 ft.
Work sessions every Sunday

Ridge Live Steamers  Dundee, FL. 
**7 ½ “ Gauge**    6890 feet of mainline (13,780 when running bi-directional with signals) and 7.300 feet of sidings and yards built in an old orange grove.   Ridgelines boasts one tunnel, 4 bridges and 2 trestles, has a ruling grade of 1.5 %, minimum mainline radius of 65 feet and a by-pass track of 3.3% to challenge the ability of engineers and equipment.    There is a 180 foot, 3 track loop of elevated Gauge 1 and G Gauge.   RLS has limited parking spaces which can be used by visiting RV’ers with advanced permission."

Work sessions: 1st, 2nd,& 3rd Saturday of the month.

Runs on 4th Saturday of the month.

Largo Central R. R.  Largo, Fl.
** 7 1/2 gauge ** This track is located in a City Park that has a good unloading area and yard storage tracks.  A well thought out track plan makes for an interesting and enjoyable ride.  Public rides are given on the 1st full weekend of each month.  To run on this track all engines must be equipped with a headlight and a rear light on the end of the train even during the day.  It becomes apparent for this as you go through the recently installed tunnel that is pitch black in the middle.  Another interesting feature is the ride over the pond. Much new track and new crossties are now being installed.
Runs are on the first full weekend of each month.
Central Pasco and Gulf R. R.   Brooksville, Fl.
** 7 1/2 gauge ** This track is located in Crews LakeWilderness Park. A very rapidly growing with approx two miles of track in operation with plans for approx 15,000 ft eventually. The railroad is based upon the Orange Belt Railway which ran through Pasco County.A new section of track just opened. There are two sets of steaming bays, larege yard areas, an unloading/transfer table, numerous enclosed car barns, and an air conditioned club house. Operations are controlled by a fully automatic signal system.
Work sessions each Saturday, public runs are on secondSaturdays.  
Veterans Memorial R. R.   Bristol, Fl.
** Two foot gauge ** Scenic 1 1/2 mile track located in Veterans Memorial Park. Amenities include a 3000 sq ft station, two tunnels and a 400 foot trestle through a cypress wet land. A passing siding is under construction which will allow decreased waiting time for our riders at special events. We operate a NAD (National Amusement Device, the original roller coaster co.) Century Flyer trainset dating to the 1950s. It is propane fired and is "Old Reliable" since it does most of the passenger hauling. We also have a 1962 Crown 4-4-0 that ran at Lion Country Safari. It is coal fired and believed to be the only one of its kind in a Florida Park. We are restoring a 1960s NAD steam outline that was in western movies at Old Tucson Studios. It is one of only 10 or 12 made. We are also the only park train with two NAD trains on the roster. We host special events at Halloween and Christmas with more in the planning stages. We display over 15,000 lights at Christmas.
Public runs are on second Saturday of each month. 
There are currently have around 30 layouts in 1-1/2 scale (or larger) in Florida.  They will be listed here when they send in their information.  If there is new information or upgrades to the above descriptions, please forward it to the webmaster

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